JAVAD GNSS Distributor in India - Janak Positioning and Surveying System Pvt. Ltd.


Thanks to the advanced technology and large active screen, the work with Victor-LS can be performed efficiently and conveniently as possible.

Data Sheet
Victor-LS Bracket with Internal Modem
Victor-LS Bracket without Internal Modem
Victor-VS Bracket
Triumph-LS / Victor-LS Stylus
Triumph-LS Shoulder Strap

Dimensions 950x600x200 mm

J-Pod Bracket

Suitable for J-Pod.

J-Pod Bracket screw

Suitable for J-Pod.

J-Pod Leg

Suitable for J-Pod.

J-Pod Leg Flip Lock Assy
J-Pod Center Rod / TRIUMPH-LS Rover Rod Flip Lock Assy
J-Pod Ground Tip

Suitable for J-Pod.

Top Mounting Nut 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 SS304

Suitable for TRIUMPH-LS Rover Rod and J-Pod.

Monopod Top Plate 1/4-20 to 5/8-11 SS304

Suitable for J-Pod.

J-Pod Protective Bumper Kit

Suitable for J-Pod and TRIUMPH-LS Rover Rod.


Suitable for Triumph-LS.


Suitable for Triumph-LS.

User Manual
USB Charging Cable

Suitable for J-Tip.

J-Tip Point

Suitable for J-Tip.

USB Cable, A / micro B
Triumph-VS Battery Pack
Triumph-LS Battery Replacement Kit
Alpha Battery Replacement Kit
Victor-VS Battery Pack
Triumph-VS Soft Carrying Case
Triumph-VS Graduated Monopod
Double Bubble Vial Kit
Circular Level, 8 min/2 mm, black KIT
Circular Level, 40 min/2 mm, red KIT
TRIUMPH-LS Rover Rod Replacement Steel Pole Point
TRIUMPH-LS Rover Rod Replacement Adapter

Suitable for Steel Pole Point

TRIUMPH-LS Rover Rod Replacement Adapter Long

Designed for surveyors over 6 ft (1.8 m) tall.

Triumph-LS 1/4-20 to 5/8-11 Thread Adaptor
Adapter, 5/8-11 male to 1/4-20 female
TRE/TR/TRH Evaluation Kit

The TRE/TR/TRH Evaluation Kit provides an easy connection to any of JAVAD GNSS OEM boards. It is designed for use in laboratories for testing, evaluating all the features and developing applications based on JAVAD GNSS OEM boards. Click here for detailed signal specifications on connector pins and for physical board details.

Application notes

We complement our receivers with Victor, an ultra-rugged Windows Mobile controller with an ample amount of processing power and memory for most field applications.

Data Sheet
GSM/GPRS Antenna 850/900/1800/1900MHz, SMA

Suitable for ALPHA.

Data Sheet
3G/GSM Antenna 800/900/1800/1900/2170 MHz, SMA

Suitable for SIGMA, JLink, JLink Lite.

Data Sheet
Bluetooth antenna, 2.45GHz, 1/4, 0 dBi, SMA

Suitable for SIGMA, JLink, JLink Lite, HPT435BT, HPT135BT, HPT225BT.

Data Sheet
USB Host Cable to ODU-5 (0.2m)
Power Cable, ODU-5/SAE (1ft/0.3m)
Power Cable, 1-3.5 plug/SAE (0.33m)
Extension Cable SAE/SAE (6ft/1.8m)
Power Cable, Auto Clips/SAE
Power Cable, Auto Plug/SAE (0.3m)
Power Cable, SAE 1-IN / 2-OUT (0.30m)
Data-Ser Cable, ODU-7/DB9 (6ft/1.8m)

Data Sheet
USB Cable to ODU-5 (6ft/1.8m)
Ethernet Cable to ODU-7 (0.6ft/0.2m)
Data Cable, M12/M12 (10ft/3.0m)
Data Cable, M12/DB9 (6ft/1.8m)
Event Cable BNC/BNC (6ft/1.8m)
Event Cable SMA/BNC (6.56 ft/2.0 m)
Event Cable SMA/BNC F (0.66 ft/0.2 m)
External Power Supply/Charger, 12V, 60W
External Power Supply/Charger, 24V, 90W
Power Cable, 3c, C13/USA (6ft/1.8m)
Triumph-1M / Triumph-1 Screw Cap KIT

Data Sheet
Triumph-1M / TRIUMPH-2 Rugged Case
Triumph-1 Battery Replacement Kit
Triumph-1 Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Triumph-2 Battery Pack
Triumph-1 Rover Pole, L=1.818m, OD=25mm
Victor Bracket
Victor Stylus
Victor Hand Strap
Victor Connector Protector
Victor Li-Ion Battery Pack
Victor Charger Kit
GISMORE Pole Adapter
Pipe L110mm adapter thread 1-14 to 5/8-11
Quick Start Guide to the TRIUMPH-LS
Users Guide to the TRIUMPH-LS
Factory Recovery microSD card
Triumph-VS / Victor-VS Charger

Data Sheet
Triumph-VS Pole Bracket
Triumph-VS Support Legs
Triumph-VS Stylus
Triumph-VS Shoulder Strap
Triumph-VS 1/4-20 Mounting Adaptor (Camera Style)
Triumph-VS Sun Visor
Fan for modems
FAN Kit 1 for HPT435BT
Bracket for mounting radio on the pole
Radio Rugged Plastic Case

Rugged Plastic Case is suitable for 4W and 35W modems with accessories (charger, cable, etc). Size: 450mm X 400mm X 150mm.

UHF Antenna, 5/8, 5dBd gain, NMO

Data Sheet
UHF NGP Antenna, 1/2, 2.4 dBd gain, NMO

Data Sheet
UHF Swivel Whip antenna, 1/2, 2.5dB, TNC

Data Sheet
UHF Whip antenna, 1/2, 2.5dB, TNC

Data Sheet
UHF antenna, 1/2, 2.5dB, BNC

Data Sheet
UHF antenna 400-470 MHz, 2.5dB, RT Angle, SMA

Data Sheet
UHF antenna 400-470 MHz, 2.5dB, Straight, SMA

Data Sheet
Antenna 868-928 MHz, 5dBi, Swivel, RP-SMA

Data Sheet
VHF NGP Antenna 132-174 MHz, 1/2, 2.4dB, NMO
VHF NGP Antenna 220-250 MHz, 1/2, 2.4dB, NMO
FM antenna, BNC
Antenna 2G/3G/LTE, SMA, Swivel

Data Sheet
Antenna LTE 698-960/1710-2170/2500-2700 MHz, SMA
PC Tripod Antenna Holder
VHF Yagi Antenna, 5 elm, 9 dB, N-Type

Data Sheet
UHF YAGI Antenna, 3 elm, 6dBd, N-TYPE

Data Sheet
UHF YAGI Antenna, 5 elm, 8.8dBd, N-TYPE

Data Sheet
Yagi Double Mount Kit 1 Block
Yagi Double Mount Kit 2 Block
Yagi Swivel Bracket
Yagi V Block Assembly
Beacon Antenna 283.5 - 325 KHz, TNC

Data Sheet
UHF Ant Cable TNC/Magn Mount, (12ft/3.6m)
UHF Ant Cable TNC/Mini-Magn Mount, (12ft/3.6m)
UHF Ant Cable TNC/Pole Mount, (12ft/3.6m)
UHF Ant Cable SMA/Pole Mount, (12ft/3.6m)
RF adapter, BNC Plug / TNC Jack
RF adapter, BNC Jack / TNC Plug
UHF Antenna Ground Plane Disk
Data-Ser Cable, ODU-7/DB15 (1,8m) for HPT435
Data-Ser Cable, DB9/DB15 (1,8m) for HPT435
Power Cable for HPT435

To connect HPT435BT, HPT435, HPT135BT to rechargeable batteries. Includes 15A fuse.

Access Data-Ser-Pwr Cable, DB9/DB15/SAE (1,8m) for HPT402
Access Data-Ser-Pwr Cable, ODU-7/DB15/SAE (1,8m) for HPT402
Access Data-USB-Pwr Cable, USB/DB15/SAE (1,8m) for HPT404BT
Access Data-USB Cable, USB/DB15 (1,8m)
Access Data Cable, DB26/DB9/SAE (0,3m)
Access Data Cable, DB26/SAE/Ethernet (1ft/0.3m)
Access Data Cable, DB26/SAE/USB (1ft/0.3m)
Power Cable, DB26/SAE (0,3m)

To connect JLink 3G to power supply's SAE end.

Power Cable, DB15/SAE (0,3m)

o connect HPT401BT, HPT901BT, HPT404BT, HPT402, HPT104BT to power supply's SAE end.

Tripod to Modem Cable
Modem to Alden Cable
Field I/O Maintenance Cable
Mounting Bracket (Clip)
Bracket for HPT435
Bracket for mounting HPT404BT radio on the tripod
Battery KIT 1
Sealed Lead ACID Battery 12V, 40.0AH
Sealed Lead ACID Battery 12V, 9.0AH
Battery Charger PL-700 110/240V AC, 12V DC, 4.0A
Battery Charger SAE 110/240V AC, 12V DC, 0.8A
5Plug-Universal Receptacle AC Adapter Kit, Black
Power Cable, Faston Receptacles/SAE (1.5m)

For Battery KIT 1. Includes 5A fuse.

Bag for Battery 150x65x95mm
Battery KIT 2
Bag for Battery 220x180x200mm
Power Cable, PL-700/Ring Tongue (2.5m)

For Battery KIT 2. Includes 15A fuse.

Power Cable, SAE/Ring Tongue (2ft/0.6m)

For Battery KIT 2. Includes 5A fuse.

Adapter Cable, PL-700/SAE (0.4m)

PL-700 to SAE adapter. For use with Power Cable, PL-700/Ring Tongue (2.5m). Not for use with HPT435BT.

Bag for Modem 210x210x80mm
BT4EX8M Evaluation Kit

Read this first
OEM Board Evaluation Kit

Read this first
Surge (lightning) Arrestor, DC Blocked, Gas Tube 50-700MHz, N-TY

Data Sheet
Surge (lightning) Arrestor, DC Pass Bulkhead, Gas Tube DC- 3GHz

Data Sheet
Surge Arrestor 350 Volt Gas Tube Replacement
RingAnt-G3T Snow Cone
RingAnt-DM Snow Cone
GrAnt Snow Cone KIT
GrAnt Snow Cone
GrAnt Ground Plane KIT, 0.2m
GrAnt Ground Plane KIT, 0.3m
Triumph-2 Snow Cone KIT
Triumph-2 Snow Cone Base Plate
Line Amplifier

Data Sheet
GPS Antenna Cable SMA/TNC RA (4.9 ft/1.5 m)
GPS Antenna Cable SMA/TNC RA (9.8 ft/3.0 m)
GPS Antenna Cable SMA/TNC RA (32.8 ft/10.0 m)
GPS Antenna Cable SMA/TNC F (0.66 ft/0.2 m)
GPS Antenna Cable SMA/N-Type F (0.66 ft/0.2 m)
GPS Antenna Cable TNC/TNC RA (9.8ft/3.0m, RG-58)
GPS Antenna Cable TNC/TNC RA (32.8ft/10.0m, RG-58)
GPS Antenna Cable 15m TNC/TNC RA (RG-58)
GPS Antenna Cable 30m TNC/TNC (RG-213)
GPS Antenna Cable 30m TNC/N-Type (RG-213)
RTK Caddy

We have come a long way since the days of several pieces of equipment in a backpack and lots of cables to connect everything to perform RTK jobs.

The existing systems still have the limitation that the pole should be constantly held by one hand.

We took the hint from golfers and offer the option of attaching the pole to a modified golf caddy which can also hold our Victor handheld controller and other field items and be easily wheeled around. Try it once and you get hooked.

Of course TRIUMPH-1 is very light (about 1.7 kg) and can be handled easily with standard poles.