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Janak Positioning and Surveying System Pvt. Ltd. provides one stop solution for all kinds of surveying tools and equipments. We help professional land surveyors and engineers in accomplishing their arduous task of land and topographic survey through our high quality survey instruments, equipments and survey software. We work with a motto to make survey works easy and effective.

Since the very purpose of surveying process is to meticulously determine the terrestrial points, angles and distances to make a meaningful data that can be used for a wide variety of geographic, geologic and engineering applications, we deliver latest gadgets, cutting edge surveying tools and equipments. As a leading land surveying company of India we take it as our earnest duty to manufacture and supply survey tools and equipments that meet all international norms and parameters for such products.

Our surveying tools and equipments are accurate, long-lasting and reliable for all kinds of land, topographic, level and online surveys since all products we supply go through rigorous quality tests at our state of the art infrastructural facility. Our efficient team comprises of engineers and technicians who never compromise with quality at any stage of manufacturing, inspection and delivery of our survey tools, equipments and other electronic gadgets.

Janak Positioning and Surveying System Pvt. Ltd. is at the forefront of companies dealing in survey tools and equipments. Our brilliant workforce strives for excellence in providing quality products for complete customer satisfaction. Through a relation of mutual trust and reliance with our customers we have earned repute in surveying industries. We look forward to serve you.


First lets set the record straight: J-Mate is not a total-station. J-Mate and TRIUMPH-LS together are a 'Total Solution' which is a combination of GNSS, encoder and laser range measurements that together they does a lot more that a total station. At long distances you use GNSS and at short distances (maximum of 100 meters) you use the J-Mate along with the TRIUMPH-LS.

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Beware that R10 sytstem is much much more expensive than the TRIUMPH-LS system. TRIUMPH-LS not only saves your job, your money too.

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J-Field is the embedded application program of TRIUMPH-LS. It has many unique features for each point surveyed.

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