JAVAD GNSS Distributor in India - Janak Positioning and Surveying System Pvt. Ltd.


Justin Link is a free Windows XP/7 application designed for data exchange with Triumph-VS receiver connected to PC via USB. Justin Link has a standard GIS interface and a cartographic window similar to Justin post processing software. Antennas and Coordinate Geo databases are fully compatible with other JAVAD GNSS software products: Justin, Giodis, Tracy.


  • Triumph-VS map and data management (export/import data)
  • Import most popular formats vector and raster maps : shapes, tab, map, dxf, kml
  • Export data to shapes, tab, MID/MIF, dxf, kml, PNEZD, txt formats
  • Extended coordinates calculator
  • Reports in txt and html formats with Geo Database
  • Raster georeferencing module
  • Justin projects management
  • Data exchange with Tracy field software
  • Background Google map layer

The Justin Link's special feature is the operation with the layers, which can be created by selecting objects on the map using cartographic tools or by sorting the tabular data. The data exchange with TRIUMPH-VS can be performed in layers. Justin Link allows running Triumph-VS media files and editing objects attributes and styles. Although RTK is the main mode for field positioning, Justin Link is able to improve the position by recalculating base coordinates and GNSS data post processing.