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RAMS is great tool for remote access to TRIUMPH-LS
Remote access never been so easy.

Work in a team

Coordinate the work of your surveyors without leaving the office.


When the device is on a high pole, your mobile phone may show the device display and allows you to control remotely.

Remote Support

Ask your local dealer to assist you, if necessary.

Run your own server

We provide several ways to run RAMS Server in your infrastructure.

Discover great Applications


For your convenience, we have created an application that contains a Server and a Viewer in one. It is get you started. Launch the app, Set your Triumph-LS, and you're ready to go.
You can use in in many ways:
For Windows


Web-based version of Viewer. It's just a web-page, so open it on any device where you have a web-browser. It allows you to connect to a RAMS Server or to a RAMS Desktop.
Web application


Mobile version carries RAMS Server, so you don't have to have Internet access for remote control of your Triumph-LS.

Setup Triumph-LS

1. Open Settings

Take your Triumph-LS, switch to Home screen and click Support button

2. Select Remote Assistance option

Now you are ready to specify RAMS server settings.

3. Select JAVAD GNSS Support Server

We predefined JAVAD GNSS Support Server settings for you. If you want your local dealer to assist you, please select first option.

4. Select Custom Server

5. Click Connect Button