JAVAD GNSS Distributor in India - Janak Positioning and Surveying System Pvt. Ltd.


Justin software is an indispensable tool for wide range of geodetic and surveying tasks.


Full-featured office post-processing software for high-precision geodetic and surveying applications with convenient user interface.

JAVAD Mobile Tools (iOS)

This application allows you to control post-processing survey with just your iPhone/iPad and send the data to OPUS processing. No more expensive controllers and software is required!

JAVAD Mobile Tools (Android)

JAVAD Mobile Tools (J-Mobile) allows you to connect JAVAD GNSS receivers to your Android device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With an Internet connection, you can also connect to remote base stations.

Justin Link (Free)

Justin Link is a free Windows XP/7 application designed for data exchange with Triumph-VS receiver connected to PC via USB.

NetBrowser (Free)

NetBrowser is a web application for JAVAD GNSS Receivers, which runs on any platforms, including desktop, tablet or mobile ones.

NetHub (Free)

NetHub is a Windows application designed for controlling GNSS receivers developed by JAVAD GNSS, INC.

RAMS (Free)

Firmware Loader (Free)

Firmware Loader is a windows application for loading firmware into navigation receivers developed and manufactured by the JAVAD GNSS only.

ModemVU (Free)

ModemVU is a windows application for controlling radio navigation receivers developed and manufactured by the JAVAD GNSS.

AWLaunch (Free)

AWLaunch is an MS Windows based, user-friendly software application designed for configuring and maintaining ArWest radio systems.

Linux Utils

Linux command-line utilities for firmware uploading and for downloading files from JAVAD GNSS receivers.

JPS2RIN (Free)

RTLogger (Free)

It's a tool for logging data stream from your GNSS receiver.